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CounselingFormsOnline.com gives you access to thousands of print on demand counseling forms to help you treat children, teens, and adults. Forms come from such respected publishers as Childswork/Childsplay, At-Risk Resources, and Wellness Reproductions. Hundreds of new forms that can help support your practice or therapy program are added every month!


Newest Forms

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"There is simply no other site like this one! It’s a busy counselor’s dream come true"

-Robin S., LCPC, Counselor

"I never have to wonder what to do with my students. And they love the activities."

-David G., Ph.D. Psychotherapist

"A great source for therapeutic homework and parent hand-outs. Wow!"

-Barbara C., LMHC, Clinic Director

About the Forms

We have a variety of different types of forms to help you help your clients. Once you select the Category of Forms, you can also select the Type of Form and Age Group.

Worksheets: These forms can be printed out and given to students and clients. Each form teaches a new emotional or behavioral skill.

Activities: Easy to use activities for individual and group counseling.

Techniques: Specific techniques for emotional, social, and behavioral problems.

Assessment: Checklists and self-reporting forms.

Hand-Outs: Informational sheets to give to parents and teachers.

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